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Bugs Available Now

Caught?NameLocationPriceHours Available
Common butterflyFlying1604 to 19
Paper kite butterflyFlying10008 to 19
Rajah Brooke's birdwingFlying25008 to 17
WaspShake tree2500All Day
DamselflyFlying ?All Day
Mole cricketUnderground500All Day
Citrus Long-horned BeetleOn a tree stump350All Day
Dung beetleOn ground2500All Day
BagwormShaking tree600All Day
AntOn rotten food80All Day
Wharf roachOn beach rocks200All Day
FlyOn trash items60All Day
SnailOn rocks (Rain)250All Day
Pill bugHit a rock2500 to 16 and 23 to 24