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Bugs Available Now

Caught?NameLocationPriceHours Available
Common butterflyFlying1604 to 19
Yellow butterflyFlying1604 to 19
Tiger butterflyFlying2404 to 19
Peacock butterflyFlying by rare flowers25004 to 19
Common bluebottleFlying3004 to 19
Paper kite butterflyFlying10008 to 19
Great purple emperorFlying ?4 to 19
Agrias butterflyFlying30008 to 17
Rajah Brooke's birdwingFlying25008 to 17
Queen Alexandra's birdwingFlying40008 to 16
Madagascan sunset mothFlying25008 to 16
Long locustHopping2008 to 19
MantisOn Flowers4308 to 17
Orchid mantisOn flowers (White)24008 to 17
HoneybeeFlying2008 to 17
WaspShake tree2500All Day
Darner dragonflyFlying2308 to 17
Banded dragonflyFlying45008 to 17
Mole cricketUnderground500All Day
PondskaterOn Ponds and Rivers1308 to 19
Diving beetleOn Ponds and Rivers8008 to 19
StinkbugOn flowers120All Day
LadybugOn flowers2008 to 17
Tiger beetleOn the ground1500All Day
Jewel beetleOn Trees2400All Day
Violin beetleOn a tree stump450All Day
Citrus Long-horned BeetleOn a tree stump350All Day
Rosalia batesi beetleOn a tree stump3000All Day
BagwormShaking tree600All Day
AntOn rotten food80All Day
Wharf roachOn beach rocks200All Day
FlyOn trash items60All Day
FleaVillager's Heads ?All Day
SnailOn rocks (Rain)250All Day
Pill bugHit a rock2500 to 16 and 23 to 24