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Fish Available Now

Caught?NameLocationShadowPriceHours available
Pale chubRiver11609 to 16
Crucian carpRiver2160All Day
CarpPond4300All Day
GoldfishPond11300All Day
Pop-eyed goldfishPond113009 to 16
Ranchu goldfishPond245009 to 16
KillifishPond1300All Day
CrawfishPond3200All Day
TadpolePond1100All Day
LoachRiver2400All Day
BluegillRiver21809 to 16
Black bassRiver4400All Day
GuppyRiver113009 to 16
Neon tetraRiver15009 to 16
SeahorseSea11100All Day
ClownfishSea1650All Day
SurgeonfishSea21000All Day
Butterfly fishSea21000All Day
Zebra turkeyfishSea3500All Day
AnchovySea22004 to 21
Horse mackerelSea2150All Day
Barred knifejawSea35000All Day
Sea bassSea5400All Day
Red snapperSea43000All Day
DabSea3300All Day
Olive flounderSea5800All Day
SquidSea3500All Day
TunaPier67000All Day
Blue marlinPier610000All Day
OarfishSea69000All Day
CoelacanthSea (Raining)615000All Day